The Majestic Collection by Michael Parkes

When discussing my work over the years, I have often referred to my paintings as windows into other worlds where time stands still and fantasy is allowed to run free. They are doorways to explore the unknowable, and yet it’s possible to find something very familiar in those enchanted spaces. The only problem with that description is that most of my paintings are relatively small. And if they are windows to other realms, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were the actual size of a large window or doorway, making it so very easy to just step through!?

In the unique Majestic Collection, all that has changed. Working with the latest printing technology and a professional and wonderful print studio in The Netherlands, some of my best images have been transferred to a size which allows the viewer to easily step inside and explore these diverse worlds.

I found myself, while looking at these new, large sizes of my work, discovering small details that I had completely forgotten I had painted!