Golden Kingdom

Golden Kingdom

Original Oil on Linen42″h x 28″w

“Gold was the symbol for immortality in Ancient Egypt. Because it does not deteriorate, gold was considered more a part of the world of the immortals than of our human realm. 

During the Middle Kingdom, and the rise of worship of the Sun, gold became the color of the celestial realms and of the sun god, Ra.  

During this time, a secret was found that only a few knew about but the very highest of priests. It was a room of true beauty and power. It was made of pure gold. And it was consecrated for only one purpose: A female royal child, at the time of her choosing, would enter this sacred room, and cross the bridge that connected the land of mortals to the gods. Here she met the sphinx and they talked of many things. That room was the Golden Kingdom.” 

-Michael Parkes 

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