Five Leopards

Five Leopards

Original Drawing
Limited Editions:
Fine Art Edition on Paper16.5 x 33.5

I have done two versions of a deva and leopards to see if expanding the size and space of the idea would make for a better result. In the end, both compositions seem to be equally interesting yet different. It is common for artists to work on an individual theme or idea until he/she feels that they have done the best to present the subject to his audience. Many artists, like Van Gogh, who returned to the sunflower theme 16 times, realized that some subjects have an almost infinite possibility for exploration for the artist. Another example is Monet painting haystacks in all seasons and different lights from sunrise to sunset. But his most famous theme and the best example of enthusiasm for a subject is his years of painting the lily pond in his garden. Hence, the following explanation is for both images. Five Leopards: This is another example of my return to the theme of the devas as creators of our physical world. She has taken on the leopard pattern on her own body, to get a sense of how it feels. At the moment they are still her beloved pets. Soon she will release them into our world to become wild and begin their journey. Devas, being a part of the family of angels, can change their own appearances at will. Angels do not need wings to fly, but they love the beauty and decorative quality of their wings. Essentially they are artists, whether they are creating a leopard, a flower, or their own wings and form.

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