Catalogue – Stone Lithography, A Love Affair

Catalogue – Stone Lithography, A Love Affair

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28 Page Full Color Catalogue, featuring over 50 images from the Michael Parkes Stone Lithography Collection.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Limited Edition “See No Evil” included with purchase of any Stone Lithograph from the Catalogue.

Michael Parkes stands alone in his mastery of Hand-pulled, Hand Crafted Stone Lithographs. This world-class artist has produced the most stunning and complex images that span over 30 years with over 100 highly sought after individual editions.

Michael Parkes has captured a world that is rare and beautiful in this complex and unique art form. The most successful images in the long and storied career of Michael Parkes are coming to an end. The Stone Lithographs are now a piece of history and are becoming increasingly rare. Michael Parkes has used his creative mind and amazing drawing skills to etch and draw on each and every stone a piece of living history. He has devoted his love and creativity to this very special medium in each and every Stone Lithograph. His complete involvement is unique and amazing in the time that is required and skill that is demanded.

We are fortunate that Michael Parkes is releasing his personal collection of rare and previously sold out images. There never has been, and never will be, an artist that has succeeded in this medium as Michael Parkes has. His 30 year love affair with Stone Lithographs can now be shared with collectors all over the world.

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