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DVD - Art of Stone Lithography

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Michael Parkes personally talks about creating stone lithographs in the DVD. Footage taken during the Borsini-Burr 2008 Michael Parkes Show.

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Illustrated with photographs taken during the creation of Winter & Spring, Parkes explains the stepby-step process of making a stone lithograph limited edition. Parkes shows the process from drawingon ancient stones, to ink techniques, and his collaboration with master lithographic printers in an intensive, hand creation process.

Michael Parkes, a living master of the art of stone lithography, has elevated this technique to the finest, highest levels of artist endeavor. Yet in this DVD Michael openly and with humor explains the challenges and opportunities created by this difficult process. It is a must for every dealer and every member of your gallery staff. This vibrant material is sure to provide experienced, new, and prospective collectors with a deep appreciation and understanding of why Parkes stone lithographs are fine art, and how they differ from other prints.

This DVD is sure to be a great part of any fine art collection.