Michael Parkes: 1977-1992

Michael Parkes Book Paintings,Drawings, Stone Lithographs 1977-1992 Soft Cover – 189 Pages Hand Signed by Michael Parkes

Moons Deluxe Edition

Slipcover edition enclosing two precious small giclees on canvas. This beautiful and intimate set of giclees will enhance any collection. Hardbound book with slip cover containing over 200 Pages * 65 New never been seen full color images * This Collectors Book Includes Two Giclees

Magic Spring Deluxe Edition

Slipcover edition enclosing one adorable little giclee on canvas. Magic Spring is one of Parkes most beloved images. Here he has created a wonderful giclee of just the beautiful blue-winged angel.

Master Works on Vellum

Literally from the first day that I walked into the stone lithograph atelier outside of Zurich, Switzerland in 1982 to make my first stone lithograph, I began working on vellum. The stone lithography process entails transferring an image multiple times where the registration has to be exact. The transparency of the vellum and its extra […]

DVD – Art of Stone Lithography

Illustrated with photographs taken during the creation of Winter & Spring, Parkes explains the stepby-step process of making a stone lithograph limited edition. Parkes shows the process from drawingon ancient stones, to ink techniques, and his collaboration with master lithographic printers in an intensive, hand creation process. Michael Parkes, a living master of the art […]

DVD – Symbols and Stillness

In this engaging lecture, Michael Parkes discusses symbols and stillness in his art work. He begins to trace the evolution of his iconography and representation of philosophical themes through his art. You will want to return to this material again and again, as you explore the universe through the Art of Michael Parkes.

Art of Michael Parkes II

The fabulous second volume captures the brilliance of Michael Parkes as a master sculptor, painter, stone lithographer, and fine artist. Over 65 new or unpublished images through 2008 are included with many photographs of Parkes at work in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and India. Two completely new sections and an index have been added to this […]

Catalogue – Stone Lithography, A Love Affair

28 Page Full Color Catalogue, featuring over 50 images from the Michael Parkes Stone Lithography Collection. SPECIAL PROMOTION: Limited Edition “See No Evil” included with purchase of any Stone Lithograph from the Catalogue. Michael Parkes stands alone in his mastery of Hand-pulled, Hand Crafted Stone Lithographs. This world-class artist has produced the most stunning and […]

Art of Michael Parkes

* Hardbound Book containing 216 Pages * Over 200 Full color images * Special Hand Signed Copies Available