Traveling Circus

We follow butterflies from place to place, hoping they know the Way. We all have our own clowns, jugglers, magicians, daredevils, and an audience that surrounds us on our journey. It helps to know it is all Illusion. It makes it all the more enjoyable.

White Peace

As the snow begins to fall, The land becomes still with a blanket of soft white. Everything feels renewed and there is peace in this quiet beauty. In the season that brings hope and new beginnings, We dream of snow covered meadows and White Peace. –Michael Parkes

After the Storm

 “After the Storm was painted during a particularly difficult period in my life. I wanted the feeling of having survived the storm and watching the sun break through the clouds with the feeling of a new beginning. This painting seems particularly relevant today as everywhere one looks the storms are raging. We are all waiting […]

When Women Ruled The World

I have a wonderful strong wife and I see her like a warrior. She has been a part of my life for 55 years. This painting is more or less for her. If the feminine energy of the world was in control, this is what it would be like. She is mounted on a huge […]


“Near extinction, She has come to shelter them‚ the mighty and the meek. Their numbers dwindle to a precious few, but now there is Hope.”

Dark Unicorn

From all the ancient books, he was only mentioned once. When the sins and sorrows of mankind became so great all the unicorns were taken from the earth because their purity could not stand the descent into chaos. Only one remained. He believed if he stayed he could help humanity absorb the pain around them. […]

The Three Graces

A Word from Michael: The Three Graces in Renaissance times were known as the hand maidens of the goddess, Venus. They were normally representing beauty, chastity, and pleasure because Venus was known as the goddess of love. This love is of an earthly or physical love. However, in earlier Platonic times, the Greeks had a […]